The benefits of working at BENTELER

Once you join BENTELER, you will receive various benefits designed to support you both on the personal and professional levels.


Healthcare is an important issue for anyone, and at BENTELER we are committed to the health and well being of our employees. This is why we work with everyone to find the type of coverage – whether public or private – that is right for them. In other words, at BENTELER, you are in good hands.


On top of offering competitive salaries, many of our locations also offer employees a housing subsidy. Everyone needs a place to unwind after a challenging day of work. We believe that having a home where you can truly feel at home adds to quality of life – and quality of life is everything.

Loyalty rewards

Staying with us for over 10 or 15 years is one of the highest compliments any employee can pay us. We strive to provide each and every employee with the space they need to grow and become a successful employee. And when we see that someone has had a dedicated career at BENTELER for such a long time, we feel that this is a job well done – on our part and theirs – and that this should be recognized.


We are committed to offering fair pay. Our salaries are commensurate to your job, and we have a systematic approach to ensuring that salary grades are properly assigned. Should you be a candidate for Salary Merit adjustments, we ensure you these sums are fairly calculated according to regional budget and performance indicators. In addition, our salaries and other financial rewards are very competitive according to current market standards.

Performance reviews

We feel it is important for our employees to receive honest, constructive feedback in order to grow. That is why we have annual Performance Assessments for employees at a certain job level, and the members of our management regularly take part in the Performance Talent Management (PTM) program. All of our performance assessment programs are geared at helping employees set reasonable yet ambitious goals, so they can reach their full potential.

Professional development

At BENTELER we believe in life-long learning and that this can come in various forms. For example, we help many of our employees grow as individuals and professionals by offering them courses aimed at improving their soft skills and technical knowledge. If an employee is committed to continuing to learn in order to perform better, chances are their ambition will be met with courses, mentoring or another kind of support to help make this possible.

International opportunities

There is also a great deal of opportunity to move laterally or vertically within our organization. Moving to another location in another market is also a very real possibility for those who are open to such a challenge – and we believe that this is one of the most compelling learning experiences any employee can have. We guarantee that once you join the BENTELER family, your chances to learn, grow and travel will be everything but few and far between.

Positive atmosphere

There are certain aspects that we believe are vital to establishing and maintaining a positive atmosphere at the workplace. For example, we strongly promote trust, equal opportunity and mutual respect among colleagues. As a part of BENTELER we want you to feel welcome and valued – because you are!

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